Why new casinos choose Microgaming

Each online casino can be compared to an insurance company. When signing insurance contracts, users find out whether it is a good provider and how reliable is it. Same happens when users select a new casino. Unfortunately, if you are going to check everything yourself, you will get enough information only when you win money and will try to withdraw it. If you can do that without any problems, then the casino provides fair play. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases of cheating players online nowadays. Thereby, it is better to use only casinos with reliable software developers on the basis. Microgaming is the oldest and the most reliable gambling software provider that serves as an example of a fair play in online gambling. Thereby, many new online casino websites select this developer as a basis. Go there to find more about new interesting casinos.

What scamming casinos do

Unfortunately, there are enough fraud casinos online, which lower the reputation of the gambling industry itself. They use slots provided by unknown developers since the reputable developers eliminate scamming activities. Casinos with a bad reputation can provide such actions:

  • Refuse to pay winnings
  • Set the rules where the player continues to play even after winning
  • Sets a low withdrawal limit that hides large wins
  • Delays payments without explanation for a long time and endlessly checks the player’s identity
  • Uses unlicensed games with low payout rates.

Usually, unlicensed games are very similar to the licensed version. This is why it is very important to check the reputation of online casinos and check their developers.